How to celebrate Halloween during COVID in Newport OR

Celebrating Halloween in Newport OR 

Halloween during COVID may look a little different but that doesn’t mean it has to be less fun. We have brainstormed some ideas on how you can celebrate Halloween while still social distancing. Keep reading to learn more. 

Make a spooky scavenger hunt 

Fill up a bag full of candy and create a scavenger hunt for your kids. You can create some clues to get them to their sweet jackpot. Another type of scavenger hunt you can do is utilize your Easter eggs. Decorate them to look spooky and hide them around your house and yard. For a more fun effect, put in glow sticks and do this activity in the dark! 

Go all out with decorations 

Make your neighborhood more fun by setting up Halloween decorations out on your lawn. Set up a fog machine and add some lights for a chilling effect. You can have fun decorating and carving your pumpkins to display out for everyone to see. 

Put your candy into little bags 

As a good social distancing measure, put your candy in bags for kids to grab quickly. Set up a table near the end of your driveway so passing children can grab the treats without crowding your porch. You still will get to see their costumes from afar. 

pumpkin wearing a mask

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